The GL label is the affordable luxury brand founded by Gunni Loyal.

Our mission is to create beautifully crafted collections designed for those who want to look effortlessly polished and feel their best. Our Australian based design team create collections that appeal to the modern day woman.

Our contemporary collections are all wrapped up with an understated sexiness, perfect for the woman who wants a nod to fashion in a carefree way.

We don’t get swayed by trends that come and go. We aim to seek out timeless styles that will stay relevant and have you reaching out for them in years to come. Our promise is luxury and our pledge is affordability. We spend untold hours tailoring each piece to perfection. Careful attention to detail is paid to every style, ensuring it is cut to flatter the feminine silhouette.

We are aware that life can be busy and clothes are important as you rely on them never to let you down. We will be there from your friends wedding to that all important meeting right down to the occasion which calls for relaxed glamour.