Ingredients for a Glowing Complexion

Ingredients for a Glowing Complexion

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We are all beautiful! However we also know that it is very difficult to feel beautiful if a dull complexion prevents your inner glow from shinning through. I have found the best skin care routine to liven up that dull complexion include natural products. They have skin care ingredients which have moisturising, nourishing and anti ageing properties. A good example collagen and elastin are your skins BFFs! Collagen gives your tautness snd firmness whereas elastin keeps skin cells together in a happy harmony. When our skin lacks these two ingredients we develop the dreaded sagging and wrinkles associated with ageing.

Pomegranates – My absolute favourite fruit! Pomegranate oil is rich in omega 5 fatty acids. These fatty acids travel through the skin layers to provide maximum hydration. In addition to this they also provide protection from environmental damage and boost new cell production. This makes it one of the best skincare products to promote a dewy complexion.

Green Tea – Another one of my must haves! I drink countless cups of this daily. I could actually bathe in this if possible! A fabulous ingredient to remove that oxidative stress which can contribute to a dull complexion. Green tea also has great anti inflammatory properties as inflammation is another skin ager.

Ubiquinone – My husband swears by this! You may also recognise this as C0Q10. Our bodies tend to produce this naturally however but its production like many other enzymes tends to slow down as we age. This enzyme is a must for us as it stops the pesky free radicals and also revives collagen and elastin production. It has been ranked as one of the best skincare ingredients for anti ageing.

Vitamin E – I call this one of natures superior antioxidants. Vitamin E helps to stop skin hungry free radicals from ravaging our dermis. Unfortunately our bodies don’t produce this sublime moisturiser and anti inflammatory ingredient. Therefore we have to use capsules and lotions to compensate for it.

Cucumber – Well my grandma was right! So next time you are at the grocers load up on this. It is great to use as an eye pad. It completely refreshes puffy tired eyes as we all know that those eyes can add years to your appearance. Cucumbers are rich in vitamin E and potassium which help in fighting fine lines and wrinkles.

Willow bark – great for exfoliating skin. Whilst exfoliating dead skin cells it actually increases the production of new skin cells by 24%. The regular birth of new skin cells gives your skin a younger and smoother appearance.

Vitamin C – Oranges work wonders on your skin – who knew? Vitamin C is a great attacker of fine lines, wrinkles and scars. Vitamin C also helps to stimulate the cells that produce those anti ageing friends called collagen and elastin.

It isn’t a coincidence that the best skincare ingredients for a glowing complexion also have remarkable anti ageing properties.

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