Holiday Survival guide

Holiday Survival guide

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Holiday season can be a great time for spreading cheer but unfortunately it is also the season for spreading waistlines! It can be quite a challenging time of year as life takes on a more frenetic and crazy turn. A lot of people not only tend to ruin their usual diets but also there gym routines go down the pan! All of this results in gaining additional weight starting from Christmas Day and usually continuing onto the new year. In some cases well beyond the New Year as getting motivated again just seems too hard.

Here are some tips to help you survive this frantic time:

  1. Eat Before Heading Out: I would always recommend that you have something small to eat before heading out for family visits or meals. You will be less likely to over indulge as you would have just eaten. When you’re at a party avoid standing next to the buffet table. Its surprising how much you can put away while chatting to family and friends! Choose wisely don’t skimp on the vegetables as these will help you feel full and keep you from over eating the less healthier options on offer.
  2. Avoid Skipping Meals: Even though you may have eaten a massive dinner make sure you still have some breakfast. Otherwise the likelihood of slowing down your metabolism is high. This can be counter productive. Limit your Liquid Calories: I find alcohol calories to be one of the worst. It is best to regulate your drinking and avoid sugary soft drinks and juices. A wise choice of drink is vodka , lime and seltzer water. Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.Another advantage of drinking water is that it can satiate your appetite too.
  3. Advance Preparation: If you attending a potluck party or bring a plate party. Take a low calorie dish such as a vegetable platter, fruit platter, hummus, black bean dip or air popped popcorn. Keep portion sizes small and try to distribute your meals evenly throughout the day. Rather than having 2 enormous meals have 5 small ones. Eat an early dinner then perhaps go for a nice long walk.
  4. Prioritise your workouts: This is one of the key things that goes out of the window during holidays. People will exercise diligently for months only to get derailed by the holidays. Sometimes these people even after the holidays can’t get the motivation to get back into their routines for a very long time. Try and do your workout early in the morning thus avoiding comments like “oh, come on its Christmas you can’t possibly go for a run today!” I am very familiar with this scenario as it happens to me every year. My husband has gone so far as to hide my car keys!! So be determined wake up early this also gives you a bit of “me” time too.
  5. Lastly Enjoy Yourself: Feel free to enjoy the treats you love but in small portions. Don’t beat yourself up about one over indulgent meal and the odd skipped workout. Try your best and enjoy every moment without the guilt.
So there you have it! A few simple tips that will help you avoid gaining weight during the festive season but will also allow you to enjoy yourself and have a great time with your loved ones.

Happy Holidays to you all!

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