3 Steps to Increase your confidence

3 Steps to Increase your confidence

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Confidence is an elusive but very essential quality that we all need to inspire and fuel actions. Gaining confidence however can be tricky as it is not always in your control. One day you can feel it flowing and then just at a time when you need it the most its gone.

We all tend to think that confidence is an innate quality. A very important thing to remember is that confidence building requires daily practice no matter how high your level of achievement.Most successful people will experience failure at some point in their lives. In actual fact they probably fail more as they are constantly pushing themselves to the next level. But then that’s half the fun! Pushing yourself to achieve greater heights.

If you want grow you must become an expert by strengthening your confidence from within. This is no different from working out daily at the gym. Personally I find that the place that motivates me the most to build confidence is when I’m working out at the gym. You must practice convincing yourself that you have what it takes to create and explore different challenging territories. Self belief that you are capable of achieving certain goals is a prerequisite to making it happen.

Here are 3 key steps to help:
  1. Know what you do best: I ask myself this regularly and find that it helps to motivate me. We all have some form of innate talent. This can be your unique approach to the work you do. It really isn’t about the actual job you do. Its about your mindset, the particular skill or approach you use that makes you so successful at it. Identifying what you excel at is the first step towards building confidence. I would also recommend you grow your network and create new relationships. Reach out to people and make new connections on social media. I Have recently done this myself in my new venture it has been immensely beneficial. It is also something with I am good at as I generally enjoy interacting with people.
  2. The art of self belief: Confidence is one of those qualities that disappear at a moments notice. In order to create and maintain confidence you need to work on creating a daily practice which works for you. This could be writing in a journal or just even taking a moment to reflect on what you are doing and how you are going to achieve this goal. This is where you tell yourself that you believe in your capabilities in doing all that you desire. Self belief is a very powerful ally. I do this daily at the gym whist working out. You could also set aside a certain time in the day like maybe when you are driving to listen to a motivational podcast. Or perhaps read something inspirational before bed.
  3. Setting Goals: You must set yourself some realistic achievable goals. Remember they don’t have to be big goals; you can start off with smaller goals. Set out the steps defining how you are going to go about achieving these goals. Create a list which you can tick off to gain confidence in your ability to tackle issues or things. I am a great believer of writing lists. Sometimes I do it on paper or even on my phone. The satisfaction of ticking off items as they get done on the list is immensely rewarding! Alternatively a friend of mine has a huge whiteboard. She puts all her goals together with pictures on it. It helps her visualise. Writing down daily affirmations is also a very good idea for helping in achieving goals.
I hope the above 3 steps have been useful. Please don’t hesitate to download a free ebook on this topic. The book provides a more detailed outlook on confidence building.

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